Exhibition Stall/In-shop Designing

Exhibition Stall/In-shop Designing

Exhibition Stall Designing contrivers use their design chops to help inoculate your brand image as a part of the stall designing, and strategically design your exhibition stand to suit your conditions. It’s essential to have a complete understanding of exhibition stall design.

At Omnipresent, exhibition stand contrivers concentrate on designing displays, stands, and panels that are used at exhibitions, conferences, and other events. They also produce point-of-trade displays, which are stockholders that are generally mass-produced and installed in hundreds of retail pavilion units or outlets.

stall design

An exhibition stall design is a fabricated cell with certain confines that reflects the personality of a brand. The theme, color, plates, and design should capture the attention of the followership in a trade show/conference/exhibition.

Exhibition Setup

We set up exhibitions in such a way that every single item in your display space should reflect your brand in some way. We fully believe that careful planning is a key to success.

EVENT MAnagement

The Omnipresent works with each client, attentively & individually, from concept to design, to delivery & produces signature décor for benchmark events. Clients are encouraged to derive inspiration from photos, magazines, movies, novels & dreams and to share their vision with our team. Expect to spend time discussing the unique details with our advisors that will make your dream a reality.


We conceive, design, execute, and deliver the unique experience of events in the following categories.

Corporate Events

◈ Product Launches

◈ Theme Events

◈ Dealer & Vendor meets

◈ Conferences

◈ Employee Parties

◈ Award Ceremonies

◈ New Project Launches

◈ Exhibitions

◈ Product Promotions

◈ Road Shows

◈ Merchandising / Branding Events

◈ Press Conferences

Entertainment Events

◈ Celebrity Shows

◈ Rock Concerts

◈ Gazal / Sangeet

◈ Dance / Laser Shows

◈ Stage Shows

◈ Dance Parties

◈ DJ Parties

◈ Game Shows

Event Setup

To drive traffic to the exhibition and leave a memorable impression on your visitors, we create a detailed plan for all your event activities. We also look after budgeting, scheduling, and site selection of events such as seminars, conferences, annual meets, festivals, theme parties, brand building, etc.

ATL/TTL/BTL Promotion

Marketing activities can be divided into three segments – Above the Line (ATL), Below the Line (BTL), & Through the Line (TTL) marketing.

The line was originally used to separate marketing activities that had mass penetration called above the line while those which had specific penetration called below the line. But when competition and development in technology are increased, it affects online activities which blur the line and emerged the use of both ATL & BTL advertising activities to form through the line.

ATL is mostly used for brand awareness and for an untargeted broad reach, for example, national tv & radio ads that can be seen or heard across the nation or we can say reach internationally also.

TTL which is 360-degree advertising targets wide reach with conversions, where both ATL & BTL are used. Social media/Digital marketing is the best example.

BTL targets a specific group of people. It is mostly used for the best conversion and to get a direct response. Leaflet drops in a particular area or to do telemarketing by targeting specific businesses or ad campaigning by targeting certain groups or mall marketing or sponsorship are some examples of this type of promotion.

We plan and execute all ATL/TTL/BTL activities – Events like exhibitions, conferences, seminars, roadshows, all types of ads, and promotions like pamphlets, handbills, brochures, and also brand/service placement. We also plan and innovate new marketing initiatives at regular intervals to create brand recall and awareness.

Road Shows

A roadshow is a series of events in different locations, with the goal of reaching the audiences within those locations. This usually includes live demos, speakers, panel discussions, product intel and conversations, and networking opportunities. Roadshows are one of the most demanded trends in the corporate events world.

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At Omnipresent, we talk, discuss, and do complete scanning of your business. We go deeper and gather as much information as possible to understand your present position in the market and the issues your business is facing. Then we figure out how to build your business brand name by advertising.

Brand value shows your business identity. Its signature look, language, and marketing strategy tell a story of your organization. It increases the value of a company and attracts customers easier.