All Promotional Activities

All Promotional Activities

Through promotional activities, we increase awareness of your brand, products, and services, which can help to attract new customers, retain current customers and increase your company’s revenue.

The most important purpose is to set a business apart from its competitors. No business will ever need to run any promotions if there wasn’t any competition. You have to stay ahead of your competitors in order for customers to keep doing business with you. So, here we are to increase brand awareness with our various Promotional Activities.

Corporate Films

Corporate film is an umbrella term that refers to any type of video communication authorized by a business for messaging. A good corporate video will help build trust and give relevant information to your customer about your product or service.

We create videos that can have a great impact on your business and will help promote your company in a more exciting way and create more interest than the text would.

Television Commercials

A television commercial is exclusively for promoting products and services to a mass consumer market.

Our professional team develops and creates commercials for your business for advertising purposes. These professionals have excellent skills in creativity, project management, and film production.

Why choose television commercials as a marketing tool for your business?

• Television reaches a wider audience in comparison to any other traditional medium

• It delivers fame and trust

• An effective way to send a message

• It creates the personality of your business

Social Media Videos

Videos have the advantage of capturing viewers’ attention. It’s our brain’s inborn nature to engage in storytelling, in comparison to other forms. And video is a great way to tell a good attractive story and engage people. Video content is attention-grabbing, and familiarizes audiences with your personality.

Animated Films – product & process explanation

Animated Film is the art or the process of making movies with drawings, computer graphics, or photographs of static objects. Animation has helped connect people throughout the world.

We make animation films of your product or service to tell stories and communicate emotions and ideas in a unique, easy-to-perceive way that your all-aged audience can understand.

PowerPoint Presentations

A PowerPoint slideshow (PPT) is a tool for collaboration and content sharing.

We design visual slide show presentations composed of individual slides of your products and services to convey a message or a story to your audience.

Mall Advertisement and Activities

Malls have evolved over the years and today they offer a complete retail and leisure experience as they house multiplexes, food courts, spas, entertainment zones, and other family attractions besides the high-end retail stores. Shopping malls are a favorite amongst the elite class and youngsters who are brand conscious.

Cine Ads

Plan your cinema campaign in targeted cinemas and increase the effective reach & ROI in your media plan. Cinema advertising is a great media mix to target your core TG & reduce wastage.

Airport Ads

Airports are the perfect catchment areas for targeting affluent families, top executives, businessmen, policymakers, NRIs, Indian and foreign tourists, top-rung professionals, and more. Airport advertising offers a mix of advertising mediums to enhance passenger engagement and experience.

OTT Platform

We offer dynamic marketing collaborations with films to create the impact you desire. Our partnerships with top production houses and blockbuster movies will allow you to introduce your product or service to your audience nationally and globally.

Press Ads

Press ads are a form of traditional display advertising. From popular national red-tops to the localized regional press, newspaper advertising is a platform that brands of all sizes and industries should be considering.

Newspapers provide your business with an opportunity to place itself directly into the hands of your key target audience and potential new consumers. By associating your brand with established and trusted titles, you can access loyal readers of newspapers to increase brand awareness or drive sales. Newspaper advertising offers something for everyone, and is a fantastic way for businesses to reach out to a huge audience of millions from a range of backgrounds and demographics.

Magazine advertising is also one of the most powerful marketing tools that can improve sales enormously. Magazine ads convey your product or service in local or national scale magazines. Local magazines keep us in touch with our local area. No matter what magazine you choose to advertise, your message must be strong and eye-catching. You only have a few seconds to grab the readers’ attention. For advertising, they are the perfect niche publication.

So that’s why here we are to create detailed messages along with beautiful reproductions of photographs, graphics, and, colors to grab the attention of your product/service interested readers. Talk to our team and discover more about the power of local advertising.

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At Omnipresent, we talk, discuss, and do complete scanning of your business. We go deeper and gather as much information as possible to understand your present position in the market and the issues your business is facing. Then we figure out how to build your business brand name by advertising.

Brand value shows your business identity. Its signature look, language, and marketing strategy tell a story of your organization. It increases the value of a company and attracts customers easier.